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Dental sealants are an effective method of preventing decay on the back teeth. They are a thin acrylic coating that is painted on the molars to block harmful bacteria and acids that can cause serious damage. Dental sealants are recommended for young patients, but they can also be beneficial for adults who are at high risk of developing cavities.

Dental Sealants Philadelphia PA

Another benefit of dental sealants is that they smooth out the deep grooves and fissures that are found on the molars. Seventy-five percent of all tooth decay develops in these locations. Even with proper brushing and flossing, these areas are difficult to reach, allowing plaque and bacteria to accumulate over time. By applying dental sealants, they become smoother and easier to clean, helping to stop harmful buildups from occurring.

Applying dental sealants is a quick, easy and painless process that can usually be completed at the same time as a regular checkup.

The procedure only takes a couple of minutes per tooth. We start by thoroughly cleaning the tooth or teeth; then we will use an etching solution to roughen their surfaces a bit so that the sealant will be able to bond more easily. The acrylic sealant will be carefully painted onto the teeth, effectively sealing off deep grooves and fissures. Dental sealants can remain in place for up to ten years.

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Michele K.

Wow!! For my first check up in over a year, I was a bit nervous. Luckily everyone in the office was so friendly and made me feel like part of their family. Dr. Ram explained exactly what was going on and made sure I felt comfortable. I had a ton of questions and Michelle was really understanding and knowledgeable. Everyone in the office seemed super friendly especially Amy at the front desk! I'd highly recommend them for anyone looking to get quality dental care in a stress free way!

Amy M.

When I came to this practice, I had a lot of dental work to get done. I hadn't been to the dentist in quite awhile. Dr. Shamloo and Dr. Ram were patient, gentle, and caring. They explained everything in detail and took their time to make sure everything was perfect. I highly recommend this office.

Sherwood J.

Premier Dentistry is by far the best dental practice around, and especially convenient if you live and/or work in Center City Philly. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for prompt, professional, and fantastic customer service in their dental experience.
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Dr. Shamloo is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

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